Alan Brier drove us to the airport at 5:00 AM. We flew to Philadelphia and got a great flight to San Francisco on USAirways, a wide-body, half-full, so that we could stretch out and sleep on a whole row. I ordered Hindu food, and Carol vegetarian. They were the same. We arrived 20 minutes early. During the flight, I was looking across at Carol, filled with waves of love and oneness with her, thinking how we had raised together a child who would be married in a week. I got all teary, as I am afraid I will many times in the week to come.

We rented a van for transport and drove to our hotel at the end of Golden Gate Park. Our room looks out on the Pacific, with surfers in the foreground and Japan in the distance. We have a fireplace, too—all for $104/night.

We drove across town to Jonathan and Marjorie’s. They both look so in love, so beautiful. Teary again. We did some shopping for the wedding at Trader Joe’s, and did a preliminary tasting of some wines. We began the ordeal of the seating plan over dinner at Tin Pan, around the corner from M & J’s—wonderful Asian fusion cuisine—very San Francisco. This town’s food is almost as good as Providence!

San Francisco never fails to amaze us. As soon as we are here, we are relaxed, comfortable, at home. The city tolerates diversity in every area, freaks are not stared at. Schizophrenics or prophets or seers or beggars or poets, or bums, or whatever you call them, walk the streets, and are neither nuisances nor diversions.

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